Don’t walk, run. Don't speak, shout. Act, don't react... I have never considered myself to be bound by one identity, I have been lots of things and am constantly becoming more and more. With maturity came my realization; between my two identities exists two worlds. A world of privilege; the privilege, to work, to use the bathroom freely, to love non discriminately and whole heartedly without fear, to walk down the street. To have a family. And a world of second class citizens, who exist in a shadow, who can not walk down the street, use the bathroom without fear, there is no love in this world of fear and hate. In this world there is so much talking about community, Community always leaves a group excluded, there is always an X and Y, an US and THEM, The IN group and The OUT group, THE ONES NOT LIKE US, who will NEVER UNDERSTAND US , because THEY ARE NOT US. I realize I am so small while constantly in limbo between these two worlds, and I must choose one, I know which one I will choose eventually, as all of us do, but the choice is not easy, my family, my safety lives in one, and my true self in the other.

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