He Muerto Por La Cruz

He Muerto Por la Cruz

Un obra que trae paz

Un obra que uso para matar
Que matarme en rapido  forma religioso
Por  la  gente que solo existen en mass congregación
Sus mentes y cuerpos son collectivos

Soy una offrenda
Mi cuerpo es un sacraficio a la fe
He Muerto por la cruz
estoy excluido por los religiosos
Por los justos
Por la derecha moda de vida  

He muerto en silenco

He muerto cada dia

Jesus ha muerto conmigo
I can speak of religion without speaking of death, In my religious experience there are several deaths. Death, of the mind, Death of the soul, death of the heart and the physical death of the body.
Death is a celebrated act in religion, 
“in dying he destroyed our death in rising he restored our life”
 In religion I destroyed my mind ,thus, my individuality died, the celebrated sacrament of death welcoming new life into the homogenous identity of church, Catholic.
“He who is seated on the right hand of the father shall be granted eternal life”
My soul died when religion murdered it, religion revealed itself to me, exposed me to its truth, its ugliness and plucked me from the father’s right hand.
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